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Build Awareness is the premier online resource for higher education in India reaching over 20 million student visitors annually. Our portal assists students in discovering, evaluating, and selecting the education institution that best serves their needs.

LearnHub Candidate #782

Collected on March 9, 2012

Field Value
Name: Amit Garg
Area of Interest: MBA
Current Edu Level: Bachelors
Next Edu Level: Masters/Graduate
Location: Gugaon, Haryana, India
Preferred Start: Fall 2013

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Qualified Lead Generation

Our lead generation programs will connect you with a specified number of qualified leads each month who have opted-in to be contacted by you and have self-selected their program of study.

Call Verified Leads – Our counselors will speak to students directly to verify the accuracy of their interest and contact details. This provides you with the highest quality leads for your programs. All verification calls are recorded for quality purposes.

SMS Verified Leads – Similar to our call verified leads, students will enter their contact information on including name, address, phone number, email address and desired program of study. We will verify their phone number via SMS technology and send the lead to you for follow-up.

Indian Client Testimonials

  • “Working with Study places (Educomp) solution has been a pleasurable experience as of today. After business association for approximately months time, we are getting quality feedback from the students, as the leads are filtered as per the criteria. 

Out of 35 leads 7/8 students have shown interest to take admission in our college for PGDM and MMS, very good response from the students end. As the Head of Department Mr. Shailendra Pratap and Prashant Singh taking personal attention would really appreciate the service. We would expect a long term business association toward our institutes growth.”

    — Ms. Priya
    ADITYA Institute of Management Studies and Research.
  • “We have recently concluded the admissions campaign for the year 2011 in which study places was a part of the various campaigns we have held during this years admission period. This is just a note to thank you personally and for assisting us in our branding and admissions’ strategy for the year 2011. I am impressed with the service rendered by study places in our campaign and hence we have benefited. Your personal business insight is refreshing, extremely candid and inspiring. I appreciate it when a consultant challenges the status quo and can guide us down new directions. How passionately you do is evident in every call, meeting and email you have sent to the undersigned. We could possible look at similar joint ventures in the coming years.”

    — Bryan F. D’Souza
    Admin & Corp Communications, Kohinoor Education Trust
  • “Studyplaces has been one of our most efficient partners across all campaigns. Their insight into the highly diverse and versatile education industry and highly efficient delivery makes them our preferred few.”

    — Vijaya Sundararajan
    Xebec Emedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd

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