About Us

Overview of LearnHub

LearnHub Marketing specializes in student recruitment marketing for higher education. With our expertise in social media and online student engagement, we create opportunities to make connections between your institution and prospective students.

LearnHub.com is the premier online resource for higher education in India reaching over 20 million student visitors annually. Our portal assists students in discovering, evaluating, and selecting the education institution that best serves their needs.

Our Story

LearnHub was founded in 2007 with the idea to develop a community-oriented platform where institutions could showcase programs, students could seek educational opportunities, and everyone would be empowered to connect.

With a team of 10 staff in Toronto, Canada and over 50 staff in Gurgaon, India, LearnHub has grown to be India’s largest education portal with over 20 million student visitors annually.

We have partnered with 160+ international institutions in the UK, USA and Canada as well as 100+ institutions in India to provide student recruitment marketing solutions.

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