Using Social Networks to Recruit

As Universities get involved with social media, they need to find the right balance of number of sites used. Social media is not necessarily about quantity but quality. It is very important for universities to choose the right social media medium for their recruiting purposes. Studies show that about two-thirds of high school students use social media to research colleges.

Universities use an average of 3.7 different social networks where as most students use only about 2. It has been suggested that universities should reconsider their social media strategy by focusing their recruitment efforts on mediums that will have the highest return on investment. The best way to have a strong social media presence is through engagement. Many prospective Caucasian students prefer to connect with current students, as they want to learn about the colleges from personal experiences but African American students are likely to connect with academic counselors. It becomes very important for universities to find the correct medium when targeting different students groups through social media.

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