Universities in the UK Recruiting Under-Qualified Students

Government and Universities have been ignoring the rise in recruitment of under-qualified students to increase funding. Many students that are admitted into these universities have poor English standards. This makes it harder for the students to learn and for the teachers to teach. Some eternal examiners have also been told to mark on content and ignore linguistic competence.

Universities have been recruiting under-qualified students for years and governments have ignored it because it allowed them to cut higher education funding. Foreign students recruited outside the EU are not subject to Government number controls; therefore they can be charged far higher tuition fees when compared to European students. Some figures show that international students account for about 10 per cent of total funding for some universities. All university are advertising to international applicants, and although many students are good, there is always pressure to increase numbers which means that a strict selection criteria are not always followed. This not only leads to the recruitment of under-qualified students but also tarnishes the university reputation for graduating top students.

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