MOCC vs Traditional Universities

There has been a recent emergence of Massive Open Online Course (MOCC) with online universities like Coursera, Udacity and EdX being introduced in the higher education realm. These universities allow students to study online with lower tuitions and allow them to work full time simultaneously; but many argue that MOCC universities lack real world interactions.

Even though MOCC universities have emerged from traditional universities, many fear that they will take over traditional universities and consider them a ‘disruptive threat’. Below are few reasons as to why universities still leaning towards offering MOCCs.

- They provide an opportunity for extensions within the university and target a larger market of students.
- It creates a path to explore other business opportunities. For example – universities can offer a course for free but make money by being a headhunter in finding jobs for those students.
- The model allows people to learn new topics anytime and keep up to date on their field of work.
- It allows students to take course offerings of all different kinds, as there is no constraint on age and location.

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