Making International Students Feel Welcomed

The number of international students has increased over the last four years in America. Some international students have found it difficult to adjust into the American culture and feel that the local students are not welcoming. They feel that their peers are not helpful or friendly and make fun of them. Students come abroad for their education as they want to meet new people and make new friends but they feel discomfort and loneliness.

Meanwhile, there are also some international students that feel that ‘studying is hard’ but making friends is easy. They feel that American students are nice and friendly but add that the local students should initiate conversations and ask if any help is needed. Overall, international students feel that universities should have one or two week program that assists foreign students on adjusting to the American culture and college life.

Below are some suggested programs that could help to bridge the gap:

-A personal guide could be appointed for new international students who would give tours around the campus.
-Culture classes that explain the major differences in American culture
-Host activities where international students and local students would have an opportunity to get to know one another

What programs does your institution offers to make it an easier transition for international students? Tweet us your answer @LearnHubMKTG.

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