Interacting with Students through Social Media

In recent years, students have been using social media to connect with their peers outside the classroom, but now they can also use it to connect with their educational institutions as well. Most college experience is about interactions and social media is the new medium through which people interact.

Institutions don’t have to setup booths in college fairs, with their campus representative, to attract prospective students because they now use social media.Universities are now using social media to build their brand, attract prospective students and connect with current and past students. About 77% of institutions use their social media to attract prospective students, 51% use it to engage with current students and 46 % use it to connect with alumni.

A prospective student does not need to physically visit the campus to learn more about the school and its students life because everything is available online. Some universities also provide virtual campus tours on their Pinterest board while others encourage students to ask questions about campus life on the University Facebook and Twitter pages.

Many institutions are also hiring specialist to develop their social engagement plans because by doing so they can attract local and international students as social media is worldwide. At LearnHub, we offer a variety of marketing solutions for your institution to help attract top students, while still having control over the process

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