B-School Applicants Decrease in the West

The applications for two-year, full time MBA programs have been declining for the past four years, according to Graduate Management Admission Council. A 22 per cent decrease in applications can be seen across schools around the world and 62 percent in U.S. The economic condition of the market is making prospective students distrustful of the significant investment that is required for an MBA. Even a top school like Columbia Business has experienced a 19 per cent drop in applications, after 4 years of rapid growth. Meanwhile, University of California reported a 22 per cent jump in applications to its MBA program because of its aggressive marketing.

The schools in the Asia-Pacific had a different story to tell. About 79 per cent of two-year degree programs in the Asian-Pacific region and 80 percent in Central Asia experienced application gains. This gain is due to the strong economic conditions and the increase of jobs in these markets. There has also been a notable increase in the part-time, online and executive MBA program applications as they provide an opportunity for workers to study and earn simultaneously. Programs that allow students straight out of college have also gained popularity as it gives undergraduates to strengthen their education background before entering the job market.

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