US Student Visa Proposal Put Forth

A proposal put forth by a team of law and entrepreneurship experts from the University of Missouri-Kansas City could change the student visa policy. The proposal not only allows more international students to enter the United States on a student visa, but it will also help retain and create US jobs. The goal is to allow for students who are innovating and creating their own companies to stay in the United States after graduation. Dane Strangler, Kauffman director of research and policy said, “We know that student entrepreneurial activity is a rapidly growing area and that immigrant entrepreneurs account for a disproportionate share of job creation.”

Four immigration law reforms were suggested:

1. A “Qualifying Startup Student Venture” designation that would allow international students to be an employee or owner in a business having at least two US citizens within two years. The business must be certified to have the potential to generate a profit by a university.

2. Expansion of the existing 17-month “Optional Practical Training” extension that currently applies only to STEM disciplines to students with other kinds of entrepreneurship involvement.

3. A streamlined H-1B visa process for owners or principals in start-up business

4. Modification of the Immigration and Nationality Act to allow the proposed “startup visa”

We have seen that many business schools have already shifted the focus of the MBA to an entrepreneurial based one (click hereto catch up).

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