Making Your Campus International Student Friendly

For years now, there have been studies claiming that many foreign students feel lonely and friendless while attending institutions abroad. Australia was targeted recently in studies claiming that international students feel unwelcome. The Australian government, while trying to increase their international presence, has put together a national strategy to improve the problem. The five year national strategy has been designed to help develop the future of international education in Australia. Many campuses offer services and organizations designed specifically for international students. Whether it be an international student office or on-campus clubs, institutions tend to do a lot to help welcome international students.

What can you do to help welcome international students? Putting the time into campus groups and making an active effort to acquaint students to the institution can help make them more comfortable. Helping to ensure the quality of a student’s life outside of the academics can create beneficial relationships with the student.

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To read more about the studies done, please click here.

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