Ireland Sets out to Attract International Students

The Irish government has set out to make Ireland a top-tier study abroad destination. With the goal to increase the number of international students by 50% over the next 5 years, they are focusing on Brazil, India and the U.S. ‘Education in Ireland’ is taking aggressive steps to repair the current damaged reputation Ireland is facing due to the economic troubles the country had.

With the economy troubles Ireland has been having over the past few years, funding for higher education was reduced. Even with the reduced budget, higher ed in Ireland did a great job maintaining the quality of the institutions. Now, the Irish government is putting not only money but focusing on recruiting international students. This means that there are new initiatives being implemented to increase the recruitment rates and also money to increase the quality of the institutions.

Irish Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairi Quinn said, “The system at higher level has seen a reduction in core funding and, by and large, to their credit, it has absorbed an awful lot of that reduction without diminution in quality or, indeed, in quantity. But there is general recognition of a developing crisis in the funding of the third level sector. We’re looking for symmetries and for collaboration across different institutions so that we can eliminate a lot of the duplication that’s already there. That will give us some time. I’d say about two years, but not much more.”

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