European Countries Seek International Students

Foreign students who are studying in Europe may be in luck when it comes to securing an attractive job offer. Not only are companies in Europe looking for highly educated workers, they are also looking for students who have a foreign cultural background. 
As business continues to become more international, more workers are needed to travel and understand different cultures. We have seen numerous visa changes occur with different European countries, especially in the UK. However, experts have stated that other European countries are actively trying to attract and retain international talent.

When it comes to staying in a country after graduation, foreign students are looking for countries that offer strategic career planning. This includes the ease of getting citizenship and social mobility. The Netherlands was found to retain more students after graduation compared to other European countries due to the lack of a language barrier.

European countries are competing with each other to make themselves not only the top student abroad destination for international students but also the top retaining nations. Keeping students in the country is becoming of primary importance as the need for highly skilled workers with diverse backgrounds grows.

To read what was said in The New York Times, click here.

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