EdX Set to Offer Course for Public Health

EdX is set to offer a introductory course called Quantitative Methods in Clinical and Public Health Research starting in October. The course is going to be an adaptation of Harvard’s epidemiology and biostatistics courses and will be taught by two well known faculty members. These courses are being seen as great opportunity for physicians in India. Swati Piramal, The Vice-Chairman of Piramal Enterprises, said , “ The lack of research curriculum in our medical training is a major shortcoming of Indian sicence. The country has over 9 lakh doctors but few are trained to be physician scientists. This is a glaring gap in our country.”

The course is designed to address the need to discover patterns and extract knowledge from health data. There is no admission process for these courses and they can be accessed by anyone who has internet connection. This online course will add in an extra component of offering students an interactive component.

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To sign up or learn more about the EdX course, click here.

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