Coursera Goes Global

Coursera, an online educational platform, has signed on to include three institutions outside of the United States. Coursera currently includes US institutions such as Stanford and Princeton. Similiar to EdX, Coursera delivers content from it’s partner school online free of charge. It has recently signed on the University of Toronto in Canada, the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland and Edinburgh University in the UK.

Within it’s first few months, Coursera had attracted 650,000 students. It is a rapidly growing industry and is showing that the negative stigma attached with online education is slowly beginning to fade. Having top global institutions is adding credibility to the project and helping to spread it’s name.

Online courses are a trend that we continue to see as it helps to connect institutions with international students. Institutions are no longer hesitant to implement these courses, but rather are more interested in how quickly they can get online.

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To read what was said in the BBC, click here.

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