Branch Campuses now Welcomed in Indonesia

Indonesia has passed a new law allowing for foreign branch campuses to be opened up in the country. The goal of this according to the government is to modernize the current education system. Syamsul Bachri, the head of the House working committee, called the law, “a constructive effort toward managing and regulating the higher education sector to be more modern and globally competitive.” This is not the first time we have heard talks of this law, it was brought up a few years ago but there were concerns of it compromising religious, political and cultural ideals. The government has defended this and has said that this decision will require new universities to be socially inclusive.

Many in Indonesia fear that by allowing international institutions will take away from domestic institutions. The government continues to hold its position and states that they will be able to regulate the subjects offered and how the foreign institutions are regulated. Furthermore, another benefit would be that students will be enticed to study domestically rather than going overseas.

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