Why are Some Schools Recruitment Practices More Effective Than Others?

Two schools may have the same marketing budget when it comes to international student recruitment and also use many of the same streams to get their message across. So what differentiates the two schools in terms of which will be more successful?

Students are inclined to go with a school that is reputable and well known. This doesn’t mean that your institution has to be oldest and most established school. No, this means that students have to be able to identify with your brand.

LearnHub has spent the past several years investing into India. Promoting our brand and services to students, we were able to create an engagement that allows for students to trust us and come to us for guidance. This did not come easily and did take a lot of time, but that is what differentiates people. Face to face contact, multiple years of marketing and promotions; this is where success lies.

Through our partnering schools, we have found that those who take advantage of our trips to India and our webinars tends to have greater results. Students like putting a face to the school, and enjoy the personal approach to it. Those who put in the time, and not only just the resources, gather the most success.

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