US Provides Visa Extensions to Students

International students looking for degree programs in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are now allowed to stay in the US for a longer period of time after graduation. Under the optional practical training (OPT) extension program, international students who graduate from colleges and universities in the United States are able to remain in the country and receive training through work experience for up to 12 months. Now under the OPT STEM extension, students who declare their intent to obtain work in a STEM field can remain in the United States to look for employment for up to one year.

An additional six months will be granted once a job has been found and an application for a green card has been processed. The list of eligible degree programs has been expanded to include programs like pharmaceutical sciences and econometrics. This change in legislation READ comes due to the realization that the US is training students to be the best in their fields and then losing them, not advancing the US. The Department of Homeland Security said, “These reforms reflect the Obama administration’s ongoing commitment to promote policies that embrace talented students from other countries, who come to study in our finest colleges and universities and enrich the nation by allowing highly skilled foreign graduates to extend their post-graduate training in the US and work in their field of study upon graduation.”

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