UK Visa Restrictions Alter International Student Perceptions

The UK government is aiming to reduce net migration by tens of thousands before 2015. The post-study work visa that allowed international students to work for two years in the UK after completing their courses was removed in April 2012. With the new regulations introduced last month, only graduates with an offer of a skilled job from a sponsoring employer are eligible to apply for a Tier 2 working Visa. This is having an effect not only on the number of students actually going to the UK to study, but on how students are perceiving the UK. International students are viewing it as a closed off country. Jo Beall, director of education and society at the British Council, defends the policy by saying that “[we are looking to] attract the best and to go for quality rather than quantity.”

New research has shown that reducing the number of international students could cost the UK upwards of 2-3 billion pounds per year. Universities in the UK have already seen more than a 30% decrease in applications from India. Also there has been a 62% drop in the number of student visas granted. As the British Universities still try to recruit students from other countries, Indian and other international students are not looking to go to the UK. 70 top university heads sent out an appeal to the British government requesting that international university students be removed from the net migration statistics. The British government has rejected this appeal.

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