Social Media: You May be Doing it Wrong (Part 2)

In case you missed part one on Facebook, click here. In this post we will get into five common mistakes that institutions and brands make on Twitter.

Mistake #1: Reliance on Automated Tweeting Tools

There are many tools out there that will allow you to schedule a time and send out your tweets. This is a great solution so that you can show up on people’s newsfeed at reasonable time when you’re halfway across the world and even helps save time. Being over-reliant on this however can create a lack of engagement and interest on Twitter. Be sure to keep your tweets up to date and include any interesting industry related tweets that come about on that day.

Mistake #2: Sharing Non-Relevant Information

A big part of Twitter is the hashtag (#) and the retweet. Information can spread quickly on Twitter and that is the perfect way to increase your follower traffic. By keeping the information you are tweeting about relevant, you will be increase interest and the spread of your tweets. Chances are the person who retweets you will be sharing your tweet to another 50 unique followers which just got your message even further. If you are sharing information that is irelevant to your bio, you may get un-followed instead.

Mistake #3: Not Monitoring Your Follower vs. Following Ratio

A great way to increase the number of followers you have is to follow other people in your industry or those that are similar to you. Many times people will see that you are following them, take a look at your profile and then follow you. By just following everyone and not having them follow you back will lead to a great imbalance in your follower-following ratio. This will seem to some that the tweets you share are irrelevant and some may see this as your way just to spam people.

Mistake #4: You Tweet at the Same Time Everyday

Understanding Twitter means understanding how people view your tweets. Many people won’t go onto an individuals twitter account and read through all of the recent tweets. Many times, people see tweets on their Twitter feed. By tweeting at the same time everyday, chances are you will only be tweeting to the same people. Expand your scope by exploring different times of day to send out your tweets. Make sure to track them and see when your tweets are most effective.

Mistake #5: Not Creating Conversations

As part of the problem of automated tweeting tools, you are unable to create conversations. People will often respond to tweets with a question or an interesting fact about the topic. By not responding to this in a timely manner, you are missing out on the conversation. Instead of just tweeting things about your institution, try to tweet questions asking your followers what they think.

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