Putting a Stop to Lost Talent

Over 100 university presidents across the United States have signed an appeal requesting that foreign-born students be allowed to remain in the U.S after graduation. This appeal has been sent to President Obama as well as Congress in hopes of creating legislation that would allow these students to have a clear pathway to obtaining a green card.

Duke President, Richard Brodhead, said that “It’s just a paradox that we should prepare these people who have these gifts who want to stay here and work and then send them somewhere else.” He also pointed out that many foreign grad students are currently engaged with research projects that could benefit the U.S economy.

The STEM visa extension is seen as a step towards this. The U.S government recognizes that they are losing talent to other countries due to the visa application process. This is actually creating more international competition as students are taking their talents elsewhere. Students will obtain a green card to study in the country and then once it expires, they return to their home country. Many students have come forward and have stated that it is hard to find a job because many jobs require a green card upon application.

There has also been an explicit effort made to get rid of any misconceptions that Indian students in particular may have about U.S visa rules. The U.S counsel general has also addressed the two incidents of violence towards Indian students as well as the different fields of study available in the States.

To read more about what was said in the Times of India click here.

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