More Transparency Required in Higher Ed Admissions

Students, parents and even outsiders have always had complaints about the irregularities in the college admissions procedure. Deeming it to be unfavourable to economically weaker students, there have been accusations that the schools are selling the seats.

Members of the Federation of Catholic Faithful, held a protest demanding that a supervisory board be put in place to oversee the admissions process. They claimed that there was no transparency in the admission process and that students were being left out due to economic status.

There are regulations requiring institutions to provide information on the number of seats filled, vacancies and particulars of the candidates, with their names placed in descending order or their marks. Many institutions are not being transparent as some do not release clear cut-off marks, leaving students to wonder why they did not get admission.

With the forthcoming changes to the Indian education system, we can predict a more transparent system. In order to keep There is a greater interested in protecting students rights, and transparency would help do that.

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