Competition in India Pushes Students Abroad

Many Indian students are continuing to look for higher education options abroad due to the increasing competition at institutions in India. As entrance requirements continue to soar, the prospect of attending a domestic institution diminishes. For example the Sri Ram College of Commerce at the University of Delhi requires a 100% pass mark on class 12 board exams in order to be considered for admission. This means that many excellent students are not securing a seat and seek options abroad.

Similarly, the Indian Institutes of Technology have an acceptance rate of less than 2%. Over half of India’s population is under the age of 25 and this percentage is only expected to rise.

Students are recognizing that even though they have high marks, they are not high enough to get into top Indian colleges. There are not enough seats for these students and many do not want to go to “these B-grade colleges”. Students are even applying to Ivy League schools in the United States as their backups.

Some students are even beginning to only apply abroad. Being discouraged about the ‘irrational’ cutoffs, students are looking at the U.S, Canada, U.K and Australia. This is making India one of the top spots of student recruitment.

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