Canada Steps Up to Attract International Students

The battle to recruit international students is continuing to rise and Canada has been proactive in attracting students. As China and India invest more money into their own education systems, and the US and Australia change their visa policies, the Canadian government is coming out with strategies. Click here to catch up on what India is going to strengthen their higher education system.

British Columbia was the first to introduce a new International Education Strategy. This strategy will provide a new quality assurance framework which will strength quality for all post-secondary education programs and institutions operating in the province. There will also be $5 million in scholarship and research funding for internships to assist students.

The government of Canada is in the process of updating their Economic Action Plan which will aim to deepen ties between Canada and international institutions. It is recognized that attracting more international students and researchers o Canada will create more jobs and lead to long-term economic growth. After announcing Canada’s International Education Strategy in 2011, recommendations can be expected to come out by the end of the summer.

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