Australia’s Back on Top

The number of international students applying for visas in Australia has nearly doubled since last year. The International Department has noted that a majority of these visas are going to Indian students. As the UK and the US tighten their policies, Australia has changed theirs to make it easier for Indian students to obtain student visas and study. This is benefiting the country as there has been an 82.8% increase in the number of visas granted to Indian students compared to last year. Previously, Australia had been experiencing low visa application rates as well as a decrease in the number of international student applicants. Click here to read more about Australia’s student recruitment obstacles.
In addition to the changes in the application process, the government has also been working to address the fears on attacks on Indian students. The increased sense of security in Australia is restoring Indian students belief in the safety of Australia. Ted Baillieu, the Premier of Victoria said, “The growth in the number of students from India is the result of sustained government interventions and community programs and we will continue to engage India positively.”

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